Craftsmanship, was the word that comes to mind when we unveiled this historic store entrance.

The first step in restoring our building IMG_1811is to bring life back to this doorway.  We are not sure exactly when it was covered up or why, but one thing is for sure, it needs to be shown!

As the paint gets scrapped away the craftsmanship begins to show.  Most of the mill work is still in excellent condition. Allowing you to truly view the hand sawn lumber from the 1880’s that still projects beauty today.  Many patrons have walked through this entrance over the past 130 years, and it is our goal to have many more walk the same path.


Mesker Brother out St. Louis is best known for their ornamental iron work, mainly in store fronts.  The columns we uncovered were used between 1887 to 1898.  To find out more about these columns and view the original patent click here.